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We specialize in a number of industries

Automotive and motorsports




Architecture and design

Our core service offering

We offer a comprehensive set of services

We offer a comprehensive set of services

Technical drawings and 3D modeling

  • Most clients provide us with technical drawings or 3D models, but we are also able to create them from drawings or sketches

  • We work with SolidWorks and the most common 3D file formats

Feedback on manufacturability

  • More often than not, the manufacturing process can be made faster and cheaper with a few modifications

Prototyping and small batch manufacturing

  • We can work with very small quantities, even single runs, either on CNC on 3D printing

Full production manufacturing

  • We work with both small and big batches

  • One-off production runs, or yearly quantities

Post-machining services

  • We offer a variety of post-machining services such as welding, bending, anodizing, coatings, thermal treatments

  • There are either done in-house, or through a network of trusted partners

Quality Assurance

  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and employ strict QA processes to ensure consistent quality throughout

  • We have dedicated Quality Assurance resources and equipment and perform sample measurements or measurements of every component

Assembly and packaging of finished products

  • Whenever a job requires manufacturing a set of components, we offer assembly and packaging services and are able to ship a boxed finished product to the customer

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