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This is what we do from day 1 and is our core expertise.




We have top-specification 3 and 5 axis mills from HURCO and BROTHER, featuring high speed spindles, high pressure coolant feeds and tool monitoring systems

With 1270mm of travel in the X axis, 510mm in the Y axis and 510mm in the Z axis, we are able to produce small, complex components and larger parts to the tightest of tolerances


With this machines we can also perform 3D milling, drilling, threading, engraving and more


We employ MAZAK lathes with 225 mm X axis travel and 605 mm Z axis travel, 340mm maximum machining diameter, C-axis indexing in 0.001° increments


Motor output of 7.5W, main and secondary spindle with interception and driving tools that give incredible versatility to any job

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